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Kr. Harendrapal Sinh
Your host Kr. Harendrapal Sinh looks after the outdoor activities of the guests. He personally will accompany you on a walk through poshina village. imagine a market bustling with activity where you can watch colourful women from the tribal hamlets and tribal men unloading there produce.
You will be able to observe craftsmen at work-forging swords, daggers, bows and arrows, potters making terra cotta horses and other figurines, besides clay utensils, jewellers sell chunky ornaments to the tribals. The 1214 A.D. built Jain temples & the ancient richly carved Shiva temple is worth a visit.
In addition Kr. Harendrapal Sinh will gladly take you on an excursion by jeep which offers fascinating glimpses in to rural Indian life. The most interesting being the terra cotta army of horses. Drives throughout the picturesque countryside will include visits to the remote villages of the Adivasi and Garasia tribals who will also give you archery demonstrations. Pastoral people like the Rabaris who keep camels, sheep and goat. We also arrange picnics at scenic lakes, riverside farmhouses, old fort ruins. An evening folk dance performance set in the arid landscape illuminated only by torches and fires will be another highlight not to be missed.
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